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Home Activity #1: As we look into our first main idea, that of strengths and weaknesses in the characters in our book, I hope we can continue this reflection into our own lives. We will be reflecting on how our strengths can sometimes be weaknesses, and our weaknesses can sometimes be strengths, and that we all have weaknesses, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. With your student have a discussion about strengths and weaknesses of family members.

Home Activity # 2: Many of the books we are reading in class focus on not just people needing help, but our neighborhoods needing help. Brainstorm with your student ways your neighborhood is in need of help.

Home Activity # 3: We have seen many great examples of characters working together to solve problems in our readings in class. Now it is your students turn to find real life examples of family members of friends who have worked as part of a group to solve a problem. Whether it be all family members helping with chores, or a neighborhood clean-up, your students will be looking for real life applications of what it looks like to work together. Share and discuss your experiences of working as part of a group with your students.